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12 Days of Sharing

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I'm a day behind, since I was asleep for most of the yesterday during which I was not at school. So today is officially Day 12, which means that I'm supposed to put whatever I want. That's hard because, y'know, I'm really boring. So I'll just share the paper I wrote yesterday, about the development of Tom Riddle's personality, because honestly? I'm not going to write something that geeky and not post it on here. It would be a shame.

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No Comment Spock

But Still

bellonablack said she wanted to read my "The Yellow Wall-Paper" fanfic that I wrote for my Studies in Women and Literature course, so I decided to post it here for anyone who's interested. I was going to post it on FFN, but I can't figure out what the appropriate category would be, so... whatever.

Title: But Still
Author: slytherin_heart
Original Work: The Yellow Wall-Paper
Rating: G/K/E/whatever - anyone can read it
Disclaimer: "The Yellow Wall-Paper" is not mine, and no profit is being made off of this besides the fact that hopefully it'll increase my grade in Studies in Women and Literature. Some artistic license has been taken, etc. etc.

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say what Uhura

Someone explain this to me...

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with a nine year old knowing that gay people exist? I mean, seriously. I wouldn't want to be in charge of getting into detailed explanations of gay sex (or straight sex, for that matter) to a little kid, but is it really necessary to talk in hushed tones and say that it's his "friend" (finger quotes included), and actually forbid me from talking about it?

She said she wanted me to leave her "in her own little world". Is there something wrong with the real world, in which sometimes boys like boys, and sometimes girls like girls, and sometimes a person likes boys and girls, and sometimes a person doesn't like anyone at all? And sometimes a person who looks like a boy feels like a girl, and sometimes a person who looks like a girl feels like a boy, and any and all variations of sexuality and gender roles in between?

I know that technically, it's my mom's right to decide when and how my sister is exposed to ideas about sexuality, but I'm tempted to go explain it to her right now out of sheer... indignation and offense. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away - and it's not a problem anyway! Ignoring an entire group of people, and entire range of feelings and possibilities, just because you think it's kinda squicky? And worse, forcing your child into ignorance, because you don't think that she should be exposed to different kinds of people than your own heteronormal ideal? It's just... UGH. There should be a law somewhere against forcing ignorance about this kind of thing. It's not dangerous. It's not bad. It's not age-inappropriate. It's not like she's going to have nightmares about it. In fact, if she discovers at some point that she's not heterosexual, she'll probably have an even harder time with it because she's being raised to believe that there's something wrong with it, that it's unnatural, that it's the sort of thing that's just not spoken about.

I... I don't even know how I should handle this.

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I've done this a couple times before, and I don't know what inspired me to do it again - but I know I've been not having the best time lately, and I know a lot of my F-List hasn't been at entirely their best, so it can't hurt.

Rant, vent, whine. Tell me something that's been bothering you, but that you think nobody wants to hear about. Tell me something that you've talked about so many times that your friends are all trying to get you to stfu and get over it.

Tell me the most amazing thing in the world, that you've refrained from talking about because you don't want to brag. Tell me something good that happened, that you try to ignore because you feel bad about being happy.

Tell me a secret, tell me a story. Anonymous or signed - it doesn't matter (I'm opening anon posting for this one).

Get it off your chest - whatever it is. And maybe you'll feel better.

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For Isa (ayboo_da_bish)

Title: The Labyrinth
Authors: slytherin_heart (Jamie) and pips_n_chiaw (Pippa)
Rating: PG
Summary: A maze changes how he feels...
a. winter night
b. death of Ginny
c. a labyrinth
d. a very powerful curse on any particular place
e. Draco fighting against the DEs - not used
f. Snape as a good guy - not used
g. a serenade - not used

Notes: (From the first author): Haha, bet you never guessed it was you I was writing for, hehe. Sorry it’s not great. But I hope you enjoy it over all.
(From the second author): I hope you like it! And happy DPD everyone!

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Vent/Rant Space

I was looking through all my past public entries for some reason, and I saw this one, and I thought I'd try it again just because ranting/venting is ubercool. Anonny-posting is enabled, this is a public entry, so go ahead and rant, vent, complain, emo your heart out into a comment, anonymously if it makes you feel better. ^_^